Tuesday, January 26, 2016

GN 1130 Steel Lifting Pins

Today we'd like to tell you about our new GN 1130 Steel Lifting Pins, available in metric sizes.

These RoHS-compliant lifting pins are carrier elements designed for fast and easy use. Pressing the red aluminum button will release the locking effect of the locking balls, allowing the load pin to be moved in or out of the holding bore hole. The shackle rotates by at least 180°, with a safety flange fitted as a safeguard against inadvertent operation. Depending on the direction of pull, the ball load pin may move freely by 360° in the holding bore hole.

These lifting pins alleviate the need to have lifting gear (e.g. load rings) permanently with the workpiece. Holding bore holes with d1 H11 tolerance are adequate for use.

Stud and shackle are made of heat-treated, manganese phosphated steel. Push button is red anodized aluminum. Spring is made of stainless steel. Lifting pins can support nominal loads from 1.5 to 4.8 kN.

To see our full line of Lifting Eyes and Load Rings, see Section 11 of our online catalog.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

GN 2424 Aluminum or Steel Cam Roller Carriages

Today we're introducing our new GN 2424 Aluminum or Steel Cam Roller Carriages for GN 2422 Cam Roller Guide Rails, available in metric sizes.

These RoHS-compliant carriages are combined with GN 2422 cam roller linear guide rails to build roller guide systems. They are used in mechanical engineering or jigmaking for the linear movement of plant equipment. Depending on cam roller carriage type, these can be mounted in axial or radial direction to the roller axes. Also depending on rail type, matching wipers are mounted, with type N featuring additional sealing lips in longitudinal direction.

Base body is offered in aluminum, or steel with zinc plated, blue passivated finish. Rollers are made of anti-friction bearing steel, hardened, with balls mounted. They are dust and splash water protected by (2RS) NBR seals and have permanent lubrication. Wiper is gray plastic (PUR) with zinc plated steel insert. Three types are offered: Normal cam roller carriage with central arrangement, radial cam roller carriage with lateral arrangement, and narrow cam roller carriage with central arrangement. Meanwhile, carriages may be purchased with wiper for either fixed bearing rail (X-rail) or floating bearing rail (U-rail).

To see our complete line of Linear Guide Rail Systems Components, visit Section 9 of our online catalog.