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J.W. Winco: A Family Tradition Of Machine Component Expertise (American Fastener Journal)

J.W. Winco, Inc. was established in May of 1978, with its international headquarters located in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Winco became a part of the Otto Ganter GmbH & Co., KG (Germany) group of companies in 2009, a prominent global manufacturer that allowed Winco to greatly enhance its manufacturing and distribution capabilities in the standard machine components and assembly hardware industry. J.W. Winco Canada, Inc., opened in 2011 in Mississauga, Ontario, to more directly serve customers in Canada, and in 2014, the company once again expanded its coverage area by opening an office in Mexico City, Mexico.

J.W. Winco offers an extensive selection of modernly designed, ergonomically shaped standard components for the industrial and commercial equipment industries.
J.W. Winco management team (left to right): Robert Winkler, John Winkler Jr. and Mark Winkler.
“Our product line represents a 21st century look, function, and feel,” said John Winkler Jr., J.W. Winco chief executive officer and member of the office of the president. “With more than 25,000 items in stock, we have the ability to ship the majority of orders received within 24 hours. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most comprehensive selection of quality metal and plastic, metric- and inch-size standard machine components, hand operating and assembly hardware available in the marketplace and be their ‘#1 Source’ for those small, but critical, items.”

John Jr., who has been involved in the family business since shortly after it was founded by his parents, shares the office of the president with his two brothers and is mainly responsible for sales and marketing. Mark, who joined the company full time in 1992, is chief financial officer in charge of finance, operations, purchasing, and personnel. Robert, who came aboard in 1994, added his engineering expertise as chief technology officer, covering engineering, manufacturing, and information technology.

The company began modestly while John Jr. Was still working for another packaging machinery company owned and operated by his parents. One day, while sourcing machine component parts, he pointed out to his father that other businesses must Need these similar components if their company did. The distributorship then evolved from his office desk. Today, J.W. Winco serves customers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the Far East. Most are original equipment manufacturers, with products ranging from the packaging machinery industry to the medical equipment industry and makers of construction equipment.

J.W. Winco offers online shopping in its eStore, as well as 2D and 3D CAD.

“We strive to provide design engineers, project engineers, purchasing agents, and others involved in the product selection process the largest variety of products and technical information available in our industry,” John Winkler Jr. Said. “For new equipment designs and redesigns of existing equipment, standard machine components not only save time and reduce costs of the equipment, but they definitely improve the equipment design and function. We can help companies design it faster, build it better, and deliver it more quickly.”

Featuring an in-house machining facility, J. W. Winco provides complete secondary machining of standard machine components and also special custom manufactured component parts.

“We welcome customers’ input and ideas for various components because many of our special machine components manufactured in the past have given us the opportunity to build standards for today,” Robert Winkler said.
J.W. Winco’s production area

As needed, J.W. Winco conducts its own research and produces proprietary products for which it has obtained a number of patents.
“We approach R&D and custom manufacturing on a customer- or market-driven basis,” Robert Winkler noted. “The more common impetus is generally a customer request. From there, we consider whether there is a market for this niche item, and what kind of volume we can anticipate. Other factors include whether we can make it competitively enough, and if it could be sold as a standard part.”

“In terms of research, we’re always open to new ideas, just as we’re always on the lookout for new
products,” John Jr. Noted. “Our core business remains the same—the assembly, modification, and distribution of a wide range of machine components, and Identifying the means and technology that will get that product in and out the door most efficiently.”
J.W. Winco’s production area

The company prides itself on having an experienced staff of technical sales and customer service associates who can address standard machine component and assembly hardware technical questions, as well as assist customers with ordering. In addition, J. W. Winco has earned ISO 9001:2008 certification, demonstrating its commitment to total quality and continuous improvement of customer satisfaction, throughout the entire organization.

“We believe a company that employs a diverse workforce is better able to understand the demographics of the marketplace it serves,” Mark Winkler said. “It is also better equipped to thrive in that marketplace than a company that has a more limited range of employee demographics.”

A company mainstay is a commitment to the environment. This was readily apparent in 2013 whenWinco installed a green roof system on its facility. The company’s conventional roof system was installed in 1993, and it needed to be replaced. Research was conducted on the possibility of installing a fully vegetated green roof system, and a decision was made to move forward.

“The addition of the green roof is part of the company’s effort to be a leader in environmental stewardship by reducing our carbon footprint and managing rain water efficiently, while at the same time cutting energy costs,” Mark Winkler said. “The vegetation on green roofs reduces heat retention, thereby lowering energy usage. Additional benefits included improving air quality, increasing urban green space and wildlife habitat, extending roof life by protecting the roof from harmful ultraviolet rays and temperature extremes, and providing urban green space and educational opportunities.”
J.W. Winco’s production area

The J.W. Winco vegetated roof is viewed annually by an estimated 300,000 online viewers via a webcam broadcast on the company website, It is also visible on a closed circuit camera system broadcasting live on a large monitor in the building’s main lobby.

Other ways the company has made its buildings and property more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient include retrofitting its entire warehouse with LED lighting, installing skylights and windows to reduce the electricity needed for lighting, and adding motion-sensor lighting in areas of the warehouse used less frequently.

In recent years, the company expanded its recycling effort. Along with recycling plastic bottles and aluminum cans, metal shavings produced in J.W. Winco’s manufacturing process are recycled. The company now uses environmentally friendly water-based coolants on its manufacturing and secondary machining equipment.
J.W. Winco's Product Overview Catalog

The Winklers credit the company’s success to a dedicated and hardworking employee base, exceptional customer service, advanced technology, ecological responsibility, a positive attitude and family-friendly atmosphere.

“We’ve increased our customer base, greatly expanded our product offerings and application niches, enhanced our ability and flexibility to provide a ready-to-assemble finished product, and opened up many new sales channels,” John Jr. Said. “We have always continued investing in all aspects of our business, even when the economy has been tough, while many others in our industry have pulled in the reins on so many of the important elements that keep com - panies in business.

“Taking a friendly and positive attitude to the marketplace is extremely beneficial. We’ve found that a positive attitude is contagious: it spreads everywhere!”

For more information, contact J.W. Winco at 800.877.8351, or visit


American Fastener Journal - July / August 2016
By: Dave Amoroso • Ron Sonntag Public Relations, Inc.

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