Monday, October 16, 2017

New Product Group Overview

Early September, JW Winco launched a new mobile-responsive website to provide customer with modern navigation and usability. Winco also revamped the product groups to align with Ganter.

Below is a breakdown of the new product groups and sub groups.

All of JW Winco Product Groups.

1.0 Operating Parts
         1.1 Operating with Handles and Knobs
                  Revolving Handles
                  Fixed Handles
                  Retractable Handles
                  Gear Lever Handles
         1.2 Operating by Using Machine and Device Handles
                  Cabinet “U” Handles or U-Handles
                  Arched Handles
                  Finger Handles
                  Folding Handles
                  Tubular Handles
                  Ledge Handles
                  Gripping Trays
         1.3 Adjusting with Handwheels and Cranks
                  Spoked Handwheels
                  Disk Handwheels
                  Handwheels with Retractable Handle
                  Safety Handwheels
                  Control Handwheels
                  Crank Handles
                  Crank Handles with Retractable Handle
                  Indexing Cranked Handles
         1.4 Adjusting, Positioning, Locking, with and without Position Indication
                  Scale Rings
                  Control Knobs
                  Indexing Mechanisms
                  Position Indicators

2.0 Clamping Parts
         2.1 Tensioning, Claming, Switching with Levers
                  Adjustable Hand Levers / Tension Levers
                  Safety Hand Levers / Tension Levers
                  Ratchet Spanners
                  Clamping Levers / Tension Levers
                  Control Levers
         2.2 Tensioning, Clamping with Knobs
                  Star Knobs / Hand Knobs
                  Three-Lobe Knobs
                  Wing Screws / Nuts
                  Knurled Knobs
                  Knurled Screws / Nuts
         2.3 Tensioning with Eccentric Cams and Wedge Clamps
                  Clamping Levers with Eccentrical Cam
                  Cam Point Levers
                  Wedge Clamps
                  Centering Bore Clamps
         2.4 Tensioning with Clamping Mechanisms
                  Toggle Clamps
                  Pneumatically Operated Clamps
                  Hook Clamps

3.0 Machine Parts
         3.1 Indexing, Locking, Blocking with Pins and Ball-Shaped Elements
                  Indexing Plungers
                  Cam Action Indexing Plungers
                  Spring Plungers
                  Rapid Release Pins
         3.2 Mounting, Positioning, Leveling with Screws, Clamping and Supporting Elements
                  Swing Bolts / Shoulder Screws / Thrust Bolts
                  Thrust Pads
                  Washers Positioning Elements / Clamping Pads
                  Leveling Sets
                  Set Collars Nuts / Bolts for T-Slots
         3.3 Hinging, Latching, Locking of Doors and Covers
                  Latches with / without Clamping Function
                  Hook-Type Latches
                  Latches with Indexing Function
                  Hinges: Adjustable, Lockable, with Adjustable Friction, Detachable
                  Hinges with Electrical Switching Function
                  Edge Protection Profiles
         3.4 Installing, Lifting, Dampening with Leveling Feet, Lifting Gear and Rubber Elements
                  Leveling Feet
                  Lifting Eye Bolts / Lifting Eye Nuts
                  Load Rings / Lifting Points
                  Lifting Pins
                  Vibration Shock Absorption Mounts / Rubber Bumpers
         3.5 Controlling, Venting, Sealing of Liquids and Gases
                  Oil Sight Glasses
                  Oil Level Indicators
                  Threaded Plugs / Sealing Plugs
                  Oil Drain Valves
                  Breather Filters / Breather Valves
                  O-Rings and Seals
         3.6 Moving, transferring, Connectiing with Shafts and Joints
                  Universal Joints
                  Universal Joint Shafts Rod Ends Fork Joints / Fork Heads Angled Ball Joints
                  Ball Joints
                  Quick-Fit Couplings
         3.7 Connecting, Assembling with Clamping and Connecting Elements
                  Tube Clamp Connectors
                  Conveyor Clamps
                  Block Accessories
                  Conveyor Brackets
                  Conveyor Mounts Bases
                  Tube Expander Fittings
                  Flange and Pillow Block Bearings
                  Clamp Mountings (Aluminum)
                  Other Connecting Elements
                  Tubes / Rods
         3.8 Adjusting, Moving with Guides, Spindles and Ball Rollers
                  Linear Slides
                  Linear Guide Rail Systems
                  Adjustable Slide
                  Units Linear Actuators / Linear Actuator Connectors
                  Roller Rail Assemblies
                  Ball Transfer Units / Guide Rollers
         3.9 Holding with Magnets
                  Retaining Magnets
                  Disk-Shaped Retaining Magnets
                  Button-Type Magnets / U-Magnets Magnets
                  Screws with Retaining Magnet
                  Raw Magnets
         3.10 Rolling, Transporting with Casters and Wheels

4.0 Hand Tools
         4.1 Tightening, Loosening and Adjusting with Hand Tools 
                  Hook Spanners and Spanner Wrenches
                  T-Handle and Screwdriver 
                  Grip Hexagon Keys
                  L-Handle Hexagon Keys
                  T-Handle and Screwdriver
                  Grip Torx Keys
                  T-Handle Wrenches and Socket Keys
                  Open End Wrenches
                  T-Slot Scrapers & Dead Blow Hammers

JW Winco Contact:

Sales Department
Phone: 800-877-8351
Fax: 800-472-0670

Our service team is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday-Friday.

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