Tuesday, May 1, 2018

JW Winco Celebrates 40 Years of Strength in Standard Parts

Record sales growth is a testament to Winco’s continued leadership, investment and innovation in the standard parts industry

May marks the 40th anniversary and success of JW Winco, Inc., A Ganter Company. Since its humble beginnings in 1978, family-owned Winco continues to lead a new generation of innovation and solutions for the standard parts industry. Winco saw sales increase by 10% to over $16.5 Million in 2017 from its North American Divisions and sees continued growth in 2018.

Over the past 10 years, Winco has greatly expanded capacities to fulfill the demand they’ve experienced by expanding staff and sales channels in the US, Canada and Mexico. JW Winco now has over 60,000 sku’s in stock and has introduced over 500 new and expanded series of inch & metric size standard product offerings, including modern hygienic design components. JW Winco has also expanded their shop, assembly, and machining facility to improve Winco’s capabilities and flexibility to improve and deliver special customer requests even in small quantities.

Key Milestones Reached in the Past 10 Years
In recent past, Ganter, a global leader in manufacturing of standard parts since 1894, formed a synergistic partnership with JW Winco that has since provided world-class business solutions to customers. In 2009, JW Winco officially became part of A Ganter Company, which expanded capabilities and solidified resources globally. Since then, both sales and inventory increased by 80% respectively.

JW Winco is also a committed leader in environmental stewardship. “In 2013, Winco installed a green roof system on its New Berlin, Wis. facility as part of the company’s effort in reducing our carbon footprint and managing rain water efficiently,” said Mark Winkler, JW Winco Chief Finance Officer.

In 2017, Winco invested in a new mobile-responsive website and modernized logo, www.jwwinco.com, which is dedicated to providing the customer with modern navigation and usability. The new look and feel of the site reflects the strength in commitment to the customers.

“Winco’s new logo evolved from the previous look, depicting the face and mane of a lion with stylized shapes of products that Winco sells. The lion represents strength and leadership, two qualities the company continues to integrate into all aspects of business,” said Robert Winkler, JW Winco Chief Technology Officer.

“When we say JW Winco, A Ganter Company, we mean unmatched strength in market innovation and product solutions,” said John Winkler, JW Winco Chief Executive Officer. “Our combined technical knowledge, customer service, design engineering, manufacturing, stocking, and distribution capabilities are our greatest strengths we offer to our clients.”

JW Winco, headquarters in New Berlin, WI is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and prides itself on having the largest selection of standard parts in inch and metric sizes, made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and plastic. Due to extensive investments in infrastructure, a forward-thinking vision of the industry, strong leadership and a team of very dedicated employees, Winco continues to be a leader in the standard parts industry.

For more information, contact JW Winco at 800-877-8351, by fax at 800-472-0670, on the Web at www.jwwinco.com, and via e-mail at sales@jwwinco.com.

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